Kumbeshwar Showroom


Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) is a Fair Trade, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 1983 to support socially and economically deprived people. Originally set up to help the local low caste Pode community in Patan, KTS assists families throughout Nepal. By providing education, childcare, vocational training and job opportunities, KTS creates equal opportunities for all.

Hand Knitting


KTS offers key opportunities to create a secure future. Local children from low-income families learn vital literacy skills and receive a broad education in the KTS Nursery and Primary School. Vocational training, in carpet weaving, hand knitting and carpentry, opens access to a Carpet Hand Weaving at KTSwide range of employment opportunities. KTS assists in the creation of income-generating programmes that directly benefit low-income groups and, in particular, women and the physically disabled. Orphans and destitute women are offered a home, education and training. KTS also works to empower the local community and the wider population to take responsibility for themselves and their future. As a founder member of Fair Trade Group Nepal and a member of WFTO and WFTO Asia, KTS strongly believes in Fair Trade practices and is committed to working with its producers to create Fair Trade products.